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ODI X VANS MTB Lock On Griffe


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ODI x Vans® Lock On Kits

ODI and Vans® Announce New Lock-On Grip Collaboration

Two Southern California originals have teamed up to create a modern- day classic grip design. Announcing the new Vans® Lock-On Grips by ODI, featuring the classic VANS® waffle sole pattern and constructed from ODI's proprietary grip compounds for a consistent feel that provides exceptional control in all conditions.

When it comes to iconic patterns, there's nothing more recognizable than the VANS® Waffle pattern. Much like the unique patterns that ODI uses on their grips, the VANS® waffle pattern was designed for comfort and function. It only made sense for the two companies to collaborate on one of the coolest looking grips on the market today.

"We're extremely excited about this partnership with VANS®," stated Brand Manager, Colby Young. "I'll always remember the day my mom took me to buy my first set of slip-ons. It's like one of those coming of age events that every kid should experience."

"We saw an opportunity for our waffle tread pattern to be used on other applications within the bike market and grips were the perfect project. We searched out and collaborated with ODI because of the similarities between our brands. Vans and ODI are both authentic and original brands within the bike market, rooted in Southern California culture. On top of that, ODI is the leader in the grip market with the best feeling rubber compounds out there." Sean Methven, Vans® Category Manager.

VANS® Lock-On grips have already proven their ability to perform. With the initial pairs hot off the press, Barry Nobles took the overall win in the Speed And Style event at the 2013 Sea Otter Festival and Mike Montgomery swept the weekend at this year\'s RanchStyle competition--winning both best trick and the overall.

The VANS® Lock-On Grips will be sold exclusively through ODI and its authorized partners.

130mm length.
VANS® Waffle pattern.
Come complete with Snap Caps.

Colours available:
Black, Red or White with Black Clamps.
Black, Red or White with Black laser-etched Checkerboard Clamps.
Ltd Ed Gum with White laser-etched Checkerboard Clamps.


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ODI X VANS MTB Lock On Griffe

ODI X VANS MTB Lock On Griffe

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