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ODI Lock-On End Caps für ODI Griffe


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ODI Lock-On End Caps.

NEW! Aluminum End Caps designed Exclusively for Lock-On Grips

The all new ODI Aluminum End Caps are the perfect complement to any Lock-On Grip System grips. Designed to snap onto your grips in place of the outer Lock Jaw Clamp, the End Caps provide the best possible protection for your handlebars and grips, without wasting any excess bar space. And because they fit over your bars (and not in them) they are compatible with all styles of handlebars.

Recessed Grooves Snap onto ODI Lock-On Grip System Compatible Grips
Sturdy Precision Machined Aluminum Construction
Smooth Rounded Edges For Added Protection and Comfort
Precision Engraved Logo
Set Screw Secures End Cap on Bars.

Size: 0.875" I.D. / 1.30" O.D.
Weight: 23g
Material: 6061 Machined Aluminum
Color: Gloss Black
Logo: Precision Engraved


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ODI Lock-On End Caps für ODI Griffe

ODI Lock-On End Caps für ODI Griffe

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