Neu Orange Bikes Uk Stage 6 EVO Rahmen 29" - 140mm - Modell 2023 - Öhlins TTX1 Vergrößern

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Orange Bikes Uk Stage 6 EVO Rahmen 29" - 140mm - Modell 2023 - Öhlins TTX1


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Why the Stage 6 Evo?

F: 150MM | R: 140MM | W: 29

  • Brand New Lightweight Frame Handbuilt in Britain
  • 5 year frame warranty with Limited Lifetime Crash Replacement
  • New Aggressive Evo geometry optimised for 150mm front/140mm rear travel
  • Asymmetrical swingarm with increased longitudinal stiffness
  • New Progressive suspension kinematics.
  • More neutral pivot location allowing less drivetrain/suspension interaction
  • Low position Asymmetric pivot – neutral suspension feel
  • Off-set pivot for chainring clearance
  • Geometry for reduced offset fork
  • New Improved dropout with UDH gear hanger
  • Boost 148 rear hub spacing
  • New Top tube accessory mounts
  • Bottle cage mounts
  • Internal cable/hose routing

This is the bike where we want F.A.F.

“Hair raisingly fast, with well-balanced handling” was the brief. We reckon the Stage 6 Evo is the bike to raise the hairs on the back of your neck before setting you straight back to cool, calm and collected. If you love the feeling of dropping into a fast trail with the bike accelerating beneath you, the track’s texture coming up through the contact points and the suspension flowing over the rocks and roots, then this is the bike for you. No traction control button, just full-on sport mode - you're welcome.

Full on Evo from Orange means you have honed geometry with decades of development and thousands of miles of test riding. The Stage 6 Evo is an aggressive trail bike with 29” wheels, designed to take a 150mm fork, with 140mm of rear wheel travel. This bike is fast, fun, and more than happy to ride terrain more aggressive than its travel numbers would suggest.

With the emphasis placed firmly on geometry and the incredible performance benefits that brings, the Stage 6 Evo could be the only bike you’ll ever need. The frame features our new asymmetric swingarm construction which improves stiffness and strength, a more progressive suspension curve, offset bearing housing to clear the chain-ring, allowing for a more neutral pivot position. The bolt-thru rear axle now threads into a UDH gear hanger – we believe this is a promising new 'standard’ and we approve of. UDH is universally available, simple and robust – a great step forward.

Neat features that we’ve also added to the new Stage 6 Evo frame include accessory mounts under the top-tube, to support the oodles of new and innovative accessories coming onto the scene. When you find your favourite, you’ll be good to go.

And so, what's F.A.F? We'll let you work it out.


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Orange Bikes Uk Stage 6 EVO Rahmen 29" - 140mm - Modell 2023 - Öhlins TTX1

Orange Bikes Uk Stage 6 EVO Rahmen 29" - 140mm - Modell 2023 - Öhlins TTX1

When the only thing that matters is flat-out performance, the all-new Stage 6 nails it. Redefining the typical terrain of the 29er, this is a bike made for riding hard and racing the best in the world, anywhere in the world.

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